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The freshest and best ingredients and the unrelenting love for salsas. We strive to choose the best meats, cheeses, and spices to give people the best Mexican Food from any Mexican restaurant, we just happen to have wheels! We call ourselves the Sauce Boss for a reason, make sure not to leave out the salsa and try one of our five different salsas available.
House-made and crema.Tacos, including Pollo Tinga, chicken roasted in adobo then pulled and topped with red cabbage, pico di gallo and pickled jalapenos; Pescada, crispy whitefish with tomatillo, spicy mayo and cabbage; Migas, Mexican scrambled eggs with Chihuahua cheese and salsa rojo; and Carne Borracho, braised short ribs with charred tomatoes and chipotle.

The early days of Américo Flores

Overcoming obstacles to achieve his dream

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